Creating a Great Customer Experience strategy – A 6-Step Strategy

Customer experience strategy.Today, in the digital marketing and sales arena, the competition is absolutely cut-throat. It is not just the big players like Amazon that offer intense competition, but also the smaller players, like smaller boutique sites offering similar products. In such a case scenario, just offering high-end products at lowest price, on the website, […]

The 3C’s model of an effective marketing strategy

One of the most effective and proven marketing strategy that work for the B2B model is the ‘ 3C’s model’. It’s a process for defining strategies. Its effectiveness lies in its simplicity. For businesses, especially smaller organizations, ‘strategy’ is something they do not want to invest their time in. They are too busy keeping customers […]

Business Needs SEO

Top 12 Proven Benefits of SEO to Your Business

SEO, a key factor in Digital Marketing, is like the wheels on which all marketing strategies move. Business need SEO because its integral for greater visibility and searchability. But the Benefits of SEO is deeper than this. It has a more far-reaching impact and value than simply visibility angle. Here we bring to focus 12 […]

Why Digital Marketing

14 Big Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Growth?

Globally, there has been a remarkable paradigm shift from analogue to digital, over the last decade. An ever increasing number of people are seeking and absorbing a plethora of information online. Hence, without doubt, this makes digital marketing the best way to reach out to your target customers Why Digital Marketing is important ? Well, […]